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This is a site about a fixation of mine! About maids the world over, no matter where or when.

I'v seen lots of maids pictures in lots of places on the internet, but haven't yet found A site dedicated to maids only, so this is my attempt to build one.

At this momento it still is pretty basic, and has some imperfections (not talking about the design :P ) but this is a private iniciative, its mostly a hobby for me, and I don't have so much time has I would like to to get this moving...

In time I plan to add a place for us to talk about maids, exchange know-how, ideas, storys real-life ones, and fantasy ones, resources where we can learn a bit more, maybe a list of online and ofline resources available the world over.

Please contact me with anything you might have to say.

I've posted images I found all over the place, if they have copyrights please warn me and I will take them down.


chees and good service!

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